What does it take to achieve your dream despite poverty and disability? This is a story of two brothers of Samastipur District in Bihar. Two Brothers, Krishna (19) and Basant (17) have shown what it takes to be a superhuman.

When Krishna got infected with Polio at the age of 1, he had to be bed ridden as his father was not able to afford braces or crutches for him. He wished to go to school to study but his inability to walk held him back.save1

A year later, the family was blessed with Basant. When Basant grew up and became of school going age, he took upon a superhuman task of carrying his brother on his back to school every single day!

The bond between the brothers grew stronger by the time they finished class 8th and they received admission to complete senior secondary in a school 10 km away from their village. That time, their father bought a cycle so that Basant could take Krishna to school on it.

Both the brothers were very sharp in the studies, and decided to take admission in an engineering college and give the IIT entrance exam. When they asked their father about this, he readily supported them and gave them his blessings to go to Kota for coaching classes, which was 1400 kms away from the village. Unfortunately, their father ran out of money after two years and Krishna and Basant had to return home.

Their eldest brother came to rescue and encouraged them to go back to Kota to resume the coaching. All this time, Basant did not stopped carrying Krishna on his shoulders.


“Our fellow villagers had their doubts regarding my ability to cope when we left for coaching 3 years back and whether we would be able to continue like this. But we are determined to become engineers,” says Krishna.

In the IIT-JEE 2016 results, Krishna has got the AIR 38th in OBC Disabled category, whereas Basant has secured the 3675th rank in OBC Category. The brothers now hope that they will be able to join same IIT as it will be very difficult for Krishna to manage on his own.

“My younger brother has done everything for me, he takes me on his shoulders from home to classes. I feel very sad when I think about living without him,” says Krishna.

We hope that the authorities will be able to place both brothers in same college and help them achieve their dreams together.

Watch Krishna and Basant walk together towards a great future!