So, who decides what is “Beauty”? Our definitions only include what has been bombarded into us through media, parents, relatives, friends and every actor endorsing a fairness cream. We spend thousands every month trying to look like the photoshopped image of Deepika Padukone or Jennifer Aniston.

We wake up to fight labels put on us every single day. We are always too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, married too soon, divorced, single and too happy. We are in a country where we face the discrimination everyday. And if you are a woman with a disability then the only question that gives sleepless nights to caretakers is “Who will marry her?”

Let her live first!

Only YOU decide the definition of beautiful! Who gave someone else the power to tell you whether you are beautiful or not?

Accept who you are. With ALL the labels. ALL the scars. Wear them proudly!

Follow the trail of these women who are out to prove that there is beauty in diversity and they are not ashamed to flaunt it:

You are complete within yourself. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!
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You are powerful no matter who you are. You have great strength and the ability to overcome any challenge!

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This is you. Don’t let the world define it!

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You are the creator and the nurturer!

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Wear your scars proudly… they are your journey to becoming all that you are today!

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Life may throw some unexpected circumstances. And many times it can be overwhelming. 

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It is your body and how you define beauty. Discard the labels. You are PERFECT the way you are!

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Wear it and flaunt it. No matter what they say!

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Your body is YOUR canvas. You decide what you want to paint on it!

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Age is just another LABEL. You are never too young and never too old to try something new!

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Don’t let the fairness cream define your success. It is only hard work and perseverance that makes one stand out! 

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Hold your head high! You are the WARRIOR!!

Underneath We Are Women by Amy D Hermann is an in-the-making photobook of 100 women with 100 different bodies kicking the robust ass of beauty myths.