2The Cause – Riding for the Superhumans

The We’re One Ride aims to raise awareness and funds for the differently-abled or Superhumans as we call them. The team is dedicated to making life easier for the differently-abled by creating equal opportunities, empowering them and giving a voice to their cause.

Let us simplify it for you.

How many times have you seen a differently-abled person partying in a club or riding with us bikers or just sitting and enjoying his/her coffee in the café next door? Not many, right?

Well that is exactly what we’re trying to change here. 10% of the world’s population is differently-abled. It is the largest minority in the world, but where are they? Why don’t we see them so often when 1 in every 10 individuals is differently-abled?

The answer is inclusion. We as a culture have forced them to hide in their shells, behind the walls of an NGO or a home for the differently-abled. But now, let’s bring them out as equal individuals for their own good. Let’s bring a change one individual at a time.

All the money raised for the cause will be used by KnowDisability.org to bring better tools, techniques and to create better opportunities for the Superhumans.

All said and done, 3rd December, 2016 is going to be epic. It is your chance to creating history. Don’t miss out. Join the ride with #NoLabels #NoLimits