MohitMain Brain
With more than a couple of lac kilometres under his belt and 8 years of working with the best in the advertising world, Mohit finds biking to be just another means of making a difference to the world around him. With three elder sisters and the oldest being both physically and mentally challenged, Mohit had a problem when he saw that after years of skill training, Neeru, his eldest sister still does not have job opportunities. And then, there was also the lack of acceptance in the society. This was what provoked him to quit his job in a leading radio station and start off something that could change the lives of the differently-abled. Yes, he might fail, but then, as he says, there are enough temples in the country to feed him!
KshitijThe Motion Hero
Kshitij is a filmmaker who, for the past 9 years of his career has specialized in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what the camera. He has worked for all the major broadcasters, such as the NDTV, BBC, Discovery and Fox, as well as countless independent production companies and many others around the world.

The initiatives for the #weareoneride are key to Kshitij and he believes shooting them as his means to a spiritual journey.

He is constantly stretching his creative abilities and experimenting with new technology. He frequently is traveling around India teaching young and old filmmakers better techniques, not just through technology, but through better storytelling skills. His workshops have been an enormous success and his ultimate dream is to make a film with the cast and crew all being differently-abled. “It will send out a huge message to the media industry,” he says.

SanchitaThe Special Force
A psychology graduate and a special educator by profession, Sanchita spends most of her time teaching and training kids with Autism, ADHD and other challenges. With a new-found love for wall art, she also runs an initiative called Painter’s Grid, that brings artists together on a monthly basis where they do art on the walls of NGOs in need, hence bringing them to life. Being a reading and comprehension therapist, she brings a better understanding of dealing with “challenges” to the table.
HarmeetThe Digital Server
Even though he may seem like the silent spectator in the team’s discussions, Harmeet’s work speaks for itself. A web-developer and a digital mastermind by profession, Harmeet is the man behind everything from the website to the social media. Being a part of the #weareoneride team, Harmeet’s ultimate goal is to bring a better understanding to the society about how to deal with the differently-abled so they get the respect they deserve.
ShubhneetSuper Freeze
A graduate in Mass Communication, Shubhneet has mastered the art of photography. He does service a lot of his clients for product and fashion shoots, but finds his true respite in getting lost in the crowd and bringing out moments that life throws at him. He’s known to go back to the lesser privileged and gift them framed pictures he’s clicked of them. He’s the man behind a lot of the pictures used for the #weareoneride. “Life, frozen in time”, is what he calls it.
SushantCaptain Footage
If good things come in small packages, Sushant is our package. One of the most energetic team-members, Sushant never shies away from going that extra mile to get a shot the film deserves. He has quite a sense of humour and an eye for detail that really brings life to our videos.
AadharThe Contentor
Standing the tests of time, Aadhar has been contributing as a rider as well as a writer for the past 4 years. He specializes in writing about health issues and bringing people to notice how they can lead better lives. Giving all he can to the #weareoneride, Aadhar is the man behind a lot of our content and articles shared online.
DeepanshuLittle Anarchy
A little craziness is needed to start a revolution. For us, that craziness is Deepanshu. An engineering student and already an entrepreneur in the making, Deepanshu is often spotted helping people on the road. He is also one of the youngest Indians to be track-racing on the Buddh International Circuit. You can spot him on any of our rides, wearing his riding suit and cracking jokes, no matter how hot or cold it is.
SandeepPR Mechanic
An engineer by necessity, a driver by passion and a do-gooder by actions; that’s Sandeep a.k.a. Sunny for you. A specialist in everything technical, Sunny has PR skills that put many PR professionals’ names to the test. He’s often seen taking the lesser fortunate to watch movies or teaching them or motivating others to support them in whatever way possible. Take up a cause and Sunny is more than ready to help.