More than the leather jackets with a huge logo, more than the spikey pseudo-Nazi helmet and more than just bad-ass.

We can easily write a long illustrious description about ourselves, because we have been at this for a long time under the hood of Bikers for Good. But we won’t because this is not our testimonial, this is personal. For one day a year, we sit astride our bikes to raise funds for the differently abled. We hope to make everyone see people for who they are before looking at their disability.


On January 7th 2018, bikers across the country will ride together to raise awareness and help the differently abled, because we refuse to place the “Dis” in someone’s Ability. Together the bikers shall unite with the so-called “challenged people” and challenge the norms of the world.

This is one day where we all accept our flaws and still unite as one perfect brotherhood.

Bikers for Good was founded in October 2011 and since then we have been helping bikers connect with the society. We have carried out multiple initiatives across the country with many respected clubs/groups and communities doing their bit. We have given a chance for society to know the bikers up close and personal.

So no matter what club or community you belong to. No matter what bike you ride. If you care for the society and believe in responsible biking, this is where you need to be!

The We Are One Ride is a celebration of unity and our way of showing the world that bikers care. Oh, and anyway, even being a biker is not “Normal”. See the irony?

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