When Emmanuel Kelly was just a baby, he and his twin brother Ahmed were found by nuns in a shoe box. Coming from a war torn country, the boys had no chance of survival as they were born with severe deformities due to the chemical warfare. With the lack of medical facilities and no one to take ownership of the babies, the nuns brought them to the orphanage.


In 1998, things changed for Emmanuel and Ahmed when a renowned Australian humanitarian Moria Theresa Kelly discovered the boys at the orphanage in Baghdad. She brought them back to Australia so that they could get proper medical care but fell in love with them and soon became their adoptive mother. The boys found the love that they needed and the support that allowed them to flourish.

Ahmed, a quadruple amputee is a swimmer and has represented Australia at the 2012 Summer Paralympics whereas Emmanuel is an outstanding singer and participated in the X-Factor in 2011 at the age of 17.


Determined, despite his past and his circumstances, Emmanuel sang a cover of “Imagine” by John Lennon that not only moved the audience but brought tears to the judges.

It is indeed amazing how a song can take a different perspective based on the person singing it and their reasons behind the choice of that song. Watch him perform at the X-Factor –

You can follow Emmanuel on his webpage – http://emmanuelkellyofficial.com/